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Green Enterprise


You run a nursery, greenhouse, fruit or vegetable operation, landscaping or floral business. Your stock is highly perishable. Your equipment is expensive. And the work can be dangerous. Your green enterprise is unique: part farm, part business. We can fashion a policy with valuable coverage and features tailored for your specialized business operation needs.  


  • Property Protection: Tools, equipment and building materials; property of others while in your care, custody or control; property in transit, newly acquired property, peak season coverage and more   


  • Liability Protection: Premises and operation, products/completed operations, personal injury, advertising injury, fire legal liability, contractual, medical expense and more  


  • Loss of Income: Business income up to 12 months, paid extra expenses needed to resume normal business operations  


  • Added Protection: Pesticide or herbicide applicator coverage, hired and non-owned auto*, burglary and robbery, mechanical failure, employee dishonesty, earthquake* and more



*Available in most states.     

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